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Cranberry Township - Residential Street Parking
Posted on Mar 8th, 2016

Cranberry Township Police are more actively monitoring cars that are parked on the streets, especially overnight, where "No On-Street Parking" signs are prevalent, as in the Clearbrook Community.

In Cranberry Township, on-street parking is ok unless you see signs prohibiting parking. These signs are frequently seen in neighborhood developments like ours.
Where vehicles are found parked illegally, Cranberry Township police issue a ticket with a $25 fine.
The ticket/notice contains instructions to the owner or driver of the vehicle that a fine of $25 must be paid to Cranberry Township within 10 days. Cranberry Township parking violation notices not paid within the ten-day period will result in the issuance of a traffic citation under the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, Title 75, Pa.C.S.
Please make sure also that when you park your car in your driveway that your vehicle does not extend out into the street. This may impede snow plowing or cause an accident and is also considered a violation.