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Snow & Ice Removal
Posted on Dec 17th, 2015

Just a reminder that removing snow and ice from sidewalks is the responsibility of the owner whose property touches the sidewalk, even if you did not put the sidewalk in yourself.
Cranberry Township requires owners, occupants and tenants to clear their sidewalks of snow and/or ice within 48 hours ( a change from 24 hours) from the end of a storm. If you're away when a snow or ice storm hits, try to make advance arrangements with a neighbor or hire someone to clear it for you.
Please remember to shovel the snow to the building side of the walkway.  Don't shovel or blow it into the road ~ that's illegal and creates a hazard for motorists.
If you have a fire hydrant on your property, you may want to consider clearing a path to it.  By doing so, if there is an emergency, the fire department personnel will not need to spend 10 minutes clearing the path for access.